56 goals scored in Hoachanas league

19 Aug 2019 16:40pm
REHOBOTH, 19 AUG (NAMPA) – Game week 2 of the Hoachanas Development Trust Football League saw 56 goals being scored across the two days of football action.
Results provided by executive committee member Edmundo Rooi, show that ||Kho-khoën annihilated a hapless ||Goa-!Haob Football Club (FC) 11-0 in the first match on Saturday, with Black Stars defeating Bafana Eleven 1-0 in a hard fought match.
The aptly named Stout Makers FC continued their rich form in front of goal, hammering SKW United 9-0 with Johannes Kheibeb getting six goals in the process, while Biwa Eleven defeated Sunrise 3-0.
In their second match of the day, ||Goa-!Haob again suffered another humiliating loss against Hoachanas Children’s Fund after they went down 11-0 with Johan Doëseb scoring four goals.
In matches played on Sunday, Bafana Eleven and Hoachanas Children’s Fund played to a 2-2 draw, while ||Kho-khoën defeated SKW United 3-0.
Black Stars in a match against Sunrise won 8-0, with Rendendus Witbeen scoring 4 goals, while Stout Makers won 4-2 against Biwa Eleven with Kheibeb scoring three goals again.
Bafana Eleven had a walk over against ||Goa-!Haob, who did not have enough players to play the match.
Game Week 3 will continue on 31 August, with teams expected to go into recess this weekend.