Five //Karas teachers fired last year for drug and alcohol abuse

19 Jan 2014 12:10pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 19 JAN (NAMPA) - The //Karas Education Directorate fired five teachers last year for being absent from school allegedly due to drug and alcohol abuse.
The teachers, all male, were from schools in Bethanie, Kosis, Koës, Noordoewer and Lüderitz.
At Noordoewer, the teacher was apparently employed on a temporary basis but when he started showing up under the influence of alcohol and missing work, the directorate decided not to renew his contract.
Without revealing the teachers’ names, //Karas education director /Awebahe Johannes //Hoeseb told Nampa on Friday that the said teachers stayed away from work for 30 consecutive days, and that cost them their jobs.
“Alcohol and drugs made them stay away from work that long. Some disappeared as soon as they got paid. The police were called in to prove it, and it was established that they have alcohol and drug addictions,” //Hoeseb said, saying it is a pity that skilled teachers, some of whom the learners love, had to leave their jobs while they could have asked for help before their situations worsened.
“I want to use this opportunity to request all teachers in this region who have drug and alcohol addictions to make proper arrangements for rehabilitation. I have seen three staff members in our directorate who were sent for rehabilitation due to such problems. They have recovered completely and are doing very well at work,” the education director advised.
//Hoeseb further said if teachers do not stay away from harmful substances and lose their jobs, it also holds serious consequences for their children and family members who depend on their finances.
“Unfortunately we do not overlook the matter when people abscond, we just take action. The worst thing is that they might lose their houses when these are repossessed, or their children do not have food or drop out of school due to lack of payment. The ministry has also lost experienced staff,” he said.
He further stated that teachers also end up in disciplinary hearings because they practice corporal punishment; and this is not good for their record.
//Hoeseb then advised teachers not to beat learners when they do wrong as corporal punishment is not allowed.
When asked what the chances are of some of the sacked teachers being reinstated in the same region, he said all their posts have already been filled.
He explained that these teachers are qualified and can apply for jobs anywhere they want, although their bad record might limit their chances of finding new employment.
He advised such teachers to go for rehabilitation and get medical proof that they have done so as this might improve their chances of finding work.
“We need to be sympathetic to these people, we are all human beings and when we make mistakes we deserve a second chance. If they can prove that they do not drink and use drugs anymore, then they are welcome to work again if there are vacancies,” the education director noted.
//Hoeseb said teachers must strive to earn the respect of the community they work in, as well as that of the learners, instead of misbehaving and losing such respect as allegedly happens nowadays.
Before, he said, teachers used to be the most respected members of society who were responsible parents and role models for all young people, and this needs to be restored.
“We are role models in society; we are supposed to set a good example for our learners and the community we serve. These people look up to us in everything we do and if we cannot lead by example, we are destroying tomorrow’s generation,” //Hoeseb warned.