Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak confirmed in Zambezi

14 Aug 2019 11:20am
WINDHOEK, 14 AUG (NAMPA) - The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry has banned the movement of all cloven-hoofed animals and their products within and out of the Zambezi Region after an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease was confirmed.
The outbreak was confirmed at Sigwe village in the eastern flood plains of Zambezi, about 90 kilometres east of Katima Mulilo.
A statement issued on Wednesday said farmers in the area notified the ministry on 08 August after noticing that some of their animals were limping, salivating and not grazing.
The cattle were inspected and samples for laboratory analysis were taken. Foot and Mouth Disease was confirmed by the Central Veterinary Laboratory in Windhoek on 11 August.
The findings indicate that two kraals in Sigwe village are infected with FMD. Fifty out of 106 cattle showed signs of FMD infection and the population of cattle considered to be at risk is about 40 000 cattle.
“The disease is suspected to have been transmitted to the cattle population from wild African Buffaloes that reside in the area, which are well-known carriers of the virus that cause FMD,” the statement said.
Cloven-hoofed animals include cattle, sheep, goats and pigs, while others potentially infectious commodities restricted include skins, game trophies, grass and plant materials.
The statement said a number of roadblocks will be set up at strategic points.
“Members of the public are urged to cooperate with the veterinary and police officials,” it said.
It further noted that immediate re-vaccination of all cattle at risk will be conducted and all farmers are urged to take their cattle to the designated crush pens for vaccination.
The FMD virus is found in all excretions and secretions of infected animals and may be present in milk, meat, semen, urine and dung.