Windhoek vendors operating in road due to flooded market removed by police

13 Aug 2019 17:00pm
WINDHOEK, 13 AUG (NAMPA) – Law enforcement agencies on Tuesday had to resolve chaos between road users and disgruntled kapana vendors from Tukondjeni Market in Okuryangava residential area, who resorted to operate in the middle of the road, due to filthy water flooding the market.
The market where about 200 vendors sell a variety of food products is filled with dirty running water, due to a burst water pipe belonging to the City of Windhoek (CoW).
This has forced the kapana sellers to barbeque in the road, while vendors who sell other products such as vegetables moved outside the market, to operate from the pavement and in the parking area.
Speaking to Nampa here, vendor Nambinga Abner claimed that they have reported the burst pipe which has been running for about three weeks to the municipality but nothing has been done to date.
He expressed that vendors pay N.dollars 200 per month and yet are operating in a dirty and filthy environment, which has resulted in them losing out on customers.
“We are expecting diseases such as Hepatitis E from this dirty running water. Our customers do not even want to come inside the market anymore, that’s why we decided to barbecue our meat in the road where it is clean,” he noted.
Another vendor, Victoria Kanaela fumed that vendors are tired of operating in a dirty area, adding that CoW does not respect vendors as they are hesitant to fix the pipe and unblock toilets at the market.
“We have families to feed, however we are sitting here the whole day in a stinky area without any customers because they rather buy from those that are operating outside the market,” she stressed.
In an interview with Nampa, Sergeant Steven Hailonga of the City Police said the vendors occupying the road has led to drivers being blocked from passing through the road.
The vendors were eventually removed by both City Police and Namibian Police Force members.
Upon enquiry, CoW Manager of Corporate Communications and Marketing, Harold Akwenye said he is not aware of the problem but would inform the department that deals with burst pipes to attend to the area with immediate effect.