Berseba council gets serious about water problems

13 Aug 2019 15:50pm
BERSEBA, 13 AUG (NAMPA) – The Berseba Village Council in the ||Kharas Region will soon be provided with water by NamWater through a pre-paid water metre mode, which will help them control their NamWater debt.
In an interview with Nampa, the council chairperson Anna Katrina Haman said the council has taken a decision to introduce the pre-paid system with the aim to control water utilisation and pay its debt of over N.dollars 3.5 million to NamWater.
“We have agreed with NamWater that we will be paying an amount yearly on the N.dollars 3.5 million and this amount will not increase as no interest will be charged. We plan to get the money from our budget which we get from our line ministry,” she said.
The pre-paid metre will not work like the normal pre-paid system that allows the end user to buy water from councils or municipalities through the use of cards.
“The community members will still pay their accounts to council as normal, but the council will be provided with water by NamWater on a pre-paid basis and we must control how we use the water,” said Haman.
She said the council will pay NamWater an amount of N.dollars 45 000 for the pre-paid water during this week.
Currently, since 2018, taps at the village are closed and residents are provided with water for two hours per day only from 06h00.
Haman could not specify if the new system would allow residents to have access to water for 24 hours.
“The council still has to decide how the water will be distributed,” she said.
Local resident, 69-year-old Anna Petrina Mutinga told this news agency she currently has to collect water almost two kilometres from her house and it is sometimes difficult to wake up early to get the water.
“Sometimes it is hard for me to get the water and I have to get someone who I have to pay again, at least they must put a water tank somewhere nearby,” she said.