PDM vows to give Namibians free plots if voted into power

12 Aug 2019 19:00pm
WALVIS BAY, 12 AUG (NAMPA) – President of the official opposition, the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), McHenry Venaani says that under his party’s leadership, the government will introduce a ‘One Namibia, One Plot’ policy.
This, according to Venaani who was speaking during the party’s rally in Walvis Bay on Sunday, is to address the shortage of housing for every Namibian.
“Namibians do not have homes and we have councillors and other individuals who have taken over all the plots for themselves and their families,” Venaani said to the about 100 people who attended the meeting.
The opposition leader said should PDM be elected into power, he will ensure that no Namibian citizen is subjected to living in and calling makeshift structures home.
“People are living in shacks because there is no land for them to build their houses on. And when people apply for homes from their respective town councils, they are often told to wait for long periods while some even die before they can acquire a home,” he added.
Venaani expressed disappointment in the Swapo-led government, saying it has spent large sums of money to bail out Air Namibia over the years.
“Air Namibia has done nothing but bankrupt the country with the N.dollars 14 billion which was pumped into it, that could have been used to service land and provide close to 400 000 people with homes.”
Venaani vowed that PDM will bring the change the ruling party has failed to bring over the past 29 years since Namibia’s independence.
“One thing that I promise to do when I become president of this country, is to give free plots and free toilets to every citizen in need, but will only expect you to build your own homes. I will also ensure that the people of Namibia shall become ‘Very Important People’ in their own country of birth,” the politician told the gathering.
He also promised to deal with the increasing corruption from top to bottom in the current government and said all corrupt office bearers will be rooted out.
This was PDM’s 112th public rally across the country since January 2019.