RTC uncovers illegal electrical connections in Duneside

11 Aug 2019 17:30pm
REHOBOTH, 11 AUG (NAMPA) – The Rehoboth Town Council on Thursday uncovered a series of illegal electrical connections in Duneside informal settlement during their clean-up campaign held in Block E.
Although being warned that they are occupying land illegally by RTC Chief Executive Officer Simeon Kanime and Public Relations Officer Desire Theunissen at the scene during a quick meeting, the residents blamed the RTC for the laxity of bringing the services to them.
An irate male resident who refused to give his name said RTC is to be blamed for their carelessness for failing to implement developmental programmes.
“You are to be blamed for this, now you are telling us that we are sitting here illegally. Where do you think we should go?” he charged.
Kanime told the residents that illegal electrical connections are equal to stealing and that they should refrain from doing so.
“Not only is it stealing, but it is dangerous not only to you but the whole town, as these connections can cause serious damage to the whole town’s electrical transmitters, which will cost a lot of money to replace as well as having the town struggle with a huge bill due to these practises,” he added.
Kanime told the residents that the council will deliberate on the issue and convene a meeting in due course.
“I can assure you that we will come back and convene a meeting with you and then we will pave a way forward,” he said.
Around 2 000 people are residing at the Duneside area with no services available to them.