Duneside residents in Rehoboth want basic services

11 Aug 2019 16:30pm
REHOBOTH, 11 AUG (NAMPA) – Residents of Duneside informal settlement in Rehoboth’s Block E said they want the Rehoboth Town Council and the Rehoboth Urban East Constituency office to bring basic services such as sanitation and electricity to their area.
Jenetta Beukes, speaking on behalf of the group Thursday, said promises made by constituency councillor Edward Wambo during previous election campaigns and by Urban and Rural Development ministerial representative Nathalia |Gôagoses, allegedly in January this year, should be adhered to.
“They made promises and told us to be patient as services will be brought to us. |Gôagoses even told us in January that we should put up our houses in street-like format so that when RTC starts bringing services they should not waste time on shifting houses in orderly manner, but now we are hearing that we occupy this area illegally,” Beukes charged.
Another resident, Immanuel Hulipuleni who has been residing here for the past six years said they want the Swapo government to look after the people that voted them into power.
“We have been voting for Swapo for the past almost 30 years and yet we are subjected to these type of living conditions. We want the government to service the plots on which we are sitting and make the area liveable,” he said.
Beukes further said they have no place to go to and that the area should be proclaimed.
“We don’t have floodlights here and have to go to the bushes when nature calls and for us the women it is very unsafe to go out at night,” she said.
Approached for comment, |Gôagoses said she works only with submissions from the technical department.
“I have no idea of a meeting I held in that area and don’t have any idea of telling people to sit in that area. It does not make sense to allow the people to sit there and turn and allow RTC to say the area is illegal. I must admit that service delivery is slow from the side of RTC and I don’t blame people to say those things,” |Gôagoses said.
She said that during the stakeholder’s conference held in Rehoboth last year, people occupying double allocated plots were given symbolic keys as a gesture to be given serviced plots, but till now this has not happened.
“Our technical department is partly to be blamed for all this as they sometimes are negligent in doing their jobs. It is true that the area is illegal and I am urging the people who are sitting on illegal areas to come and register as from next week, as we will be reviewing previous lists to allocate and have them settled in Extension 7,” |Gôagoses said Thursday.