Oshakati Town Council buries unclaimed bodies

06 Aug 2019 17:00pm
OSHAKATI, 06 AUG (NAMPA) – The Oshakati Town Council and Ministry of Health and Social Services officials on Tuesday buried the unclaimed bodies of seven people who died in the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital between 2015 and 2017.
The deceased have been identified as Amutenya Tomas (from Opuwo); Teofelus Shindjala (Amarika); Kuiinatya Tjikambi (Okavere-Opuwo); Sandu Hendrick (Okafikatanyange); Tileinge Johannes (Omutsegwonime); Kaparu Hilongua (Otjombonde-Opuwo) and Toivo Lukas (Eeshoke).
“These people died in the Oshakati Hospital, but nobody came forth to claim their bodies up to now,” head of the health department of the Oshakati Town Council, Kornelius Kapolo told Nampa during the burial.
He said Oshakati’s Avbob branch was contracted to provide the funeral undertaking, adding that the council sets aside an annual budget of N.dollars 40 000 to finance dignified burials for the unclaimed bodies of people who died in the Oshakati Hospital.
According to Kapolo, 11 bodies were buried for the first time in 2014 and 16 bodies were buried in 2016, adding that the burials are carried out after the hospital authority has thoroughly confirmed that the relatives of the deceased could not be traced.