Otjozondjupa school principals to be reshuffled

17 Jan 2014 11:00am
OTJIWARONGO, 17 JAN (NAMPA) - All Grade 10 and 12 Otjozondjupa regional school principals who did not perform well in 2013 will be reshuffled, the region’s Director of Education Faustina Caley has said.
“I can assure you that all the weak school principals heading our junior and senior secondary schools in the region and who failed to perform during last year, will be removed from key schools to some primary schools in the region,” said Caley here on Thursday.
The Otjozondjupa Region has 18 junior and senior secondary schools in total.
It ranked third in the Grade 12 national rankings for 2013.
However, the region performed poorly in Grade 10 in the same year – ending last out of 13 regions.
The worst-performing school in the country in Grade 10 last year was the Gam Combined School in the Tsumkwe Constituency of the Otjozondjupa Region.
Caley said her office has strategies such as regular visits to different schools by education officers, and coaching teachers and learners to hold extra classes during holidays as mechanisms that will help the region climb to the top.
On her part, the Otjozondjupa Regional Education Deputy Director Albertina-Peneyambeko Nangolo told this news agency on Thursday afternoon that her office will make both teachers and learners sign some “dedication soft contracts”.
Nangolo said these contracts are aimed at holding learners and teachers accountable in cases of poor performances in Grade 10 and 12 at the end of the year.
“The soft contracts will be evaluated at the end of each semester, with a plan to help those learners and teachers facing difficulties to improve in their subjects,” said Nangolo.