Helao Nafidi Town Council plans to move problematic dumpsite

03 Aug 2019 10:30am
HELAO NAFIDI, 03 AUG (NAMPA) – The Helao Nafidi Town Council plans to relocate the local dumpsite after residents complained of the smoke produced when rubbish is burned.
The town’s mayor, Eliaser Nghipangelwa, during a media briefing on Thursday said the council has resolved to relocate the dumpsite in order to address the problem.
He said the council used to burn rubbish at the site but stopped after residents notified the council that they are unhappy about the smoke as they feared it was a health hazard.
The dumpsite is situated in Omafo and the site identified for the new rubbish dump is in the Engela suburb.
“The dumpsite is a challenge. It has been there before some of us became part of the town’s leadership and therefore, we concur with the community's complaints,” Nghipangelwa said.
One of the affected residents, Ndahafa Natanael told the media on the site Thursday the smoke caused by the burning of waste had become problematic.
“We were no longer sleeping well due to the smoke and we are scared of being affected by diseases,” Natanael stated.
Nghipangelwa however also expressed disappointment in residents who live in the area the council wants to use to establish a dumpsite, who are unwilling to vacate the area.
“Council cannot put up a dumpsite if people are not prepared to vacate the area,” he said.
The council is however still trying to convince them to try and understand the situation and to reach a compromise with them, he said.