Local entrepreneur donates drums to Rehoboth Town Council

02 Aug 2019 13:00pm
REHOBOTH, 02 AUG (NAMPA) – The Rehoboth Town Council (RTC) on Thursday received 12 refuse removal drums from Emsure Insurance Brokers managing director Emgon Mouton in an attempt to assist the council with its efforts to maintain a clean town.
A statement availed to Nampa on Thursday said during the handover, Mouton noted that it is the responsibility of everyone to assist the town council in keeping Rehoboth clean, hence his contribution for the drums to be put at strategic points in the central business district.
Mouton said the council requires the assistance of each resident to help make the town a better place and called on businesses and residents to follow suit.
The statement further said Nathalia |Gôagoses, Minister of Urban and Rural Development Representative at the RTC received the donation and applauded Mouton for the initiative and contributing towards the council’s efforts to clean Rehoboth.
|Gôagoses noted that the contributions of individuals towards the development of the town are remarkable and urged all residents to follow the example of the young entrepreneur and others who are contributing towards the upkeep of the town.
Recently, a local community group handed over a renovated graveyard to the council.