Rundu government garage broken into

31 Jul 2019 11:30am
RUNDU, 31 JUL (NAMPA) – The Rundu government garage was broken into Monday and the suspects reportedly fled with 11 batteries stolen from six trucks parked at the garage.
The senior artisan foreman at the garage, Abel Shapaa told Nampa on Tuesday three security guards who worked the Monday night shift have been taken in by the police for questioning and are currently being held at the holding cells.
Shapaa said the government garage has been a target of thieves numerous times as the fence around the property is very old.
He said the security guards were taken in for questioning as they were suspected to be the only people around when the incident happened.
“A case was opened and the police visited the property Tuesday morning with sniffer dogs, trying to trace the suspects’ footsteps,” Shapaa said.
The Namibian Police Force crime investigations coordinator for the Kavango East Region, Deputy Commissioner Bonifasius Kanyetu confirmed the incident.
“The suspects managed to remove 11 batteries from six trucks and cut the fence,” he said.
The garage was also broken into in February this year, when suspected thieves removed a bullbar from a VIP Toyota.
Shapaa said the fence was also cut last November and the thieves tried to steal radios from cars in the garage. However, their attempts were foiled by guards on duty and the suspects escaped through the fence.
“The government garage fence is very old and corroded underneath. Thieves just lift it and pass through under,” Shapaa said.
The latest case is being investigated.