New president should create employment in Koёs

16 Jan 2014 13:40pm
KOËS, 16 JAN (NAMPA) – Residents of the Koёs village in the //Karas Region want the new president to provide tarred roads and jobs in their area.
These sentiments follow the general registration of voters’ process which commenced countywide on Wednesday in view of the Presidential and National Assembly elections slated for November this year.
Koёs is situated 132 kilometres on the gravel road east of Keetmanshoop.
While lined up to register as voters, some residents told Nampa on Thursday they want the next president to tar the road from Keetmanshoop to the Mata-mata border post through Koёs.
“Our young people here are suffering without jobs, therefore we also want him/her (president) to find ways to create employment here,” said potential voter Janny Hanse.
Enverr Beukes, 20, who will be participating in the elections for the first time, said the next Head of State must fight for the realisation of Vision 2030, and the focus should be on infrastructure development in villages across the country.
Julius Arndt noted that there is a serious need for housing, especially low-cost houses in the country, and the new president must continue with the mass-housing project by extending it to all the villages and towns in the country.
The mass-housing project involves Government investing N.dollars 45 billion to build 185 000 houses across the country by 2030.
“I also want the new president to pass strict laws regarding illegal drivers in this country. A lot of young people drive cars without licenses, which sometimes lead to many road accidents and deaths,” Arndt said.
Asked from which political party the new president should come, Rio Plaatjie said he is happy with what the ruling party has been doing, therefore he does not wish to replace it.
“If the Swapo-Party wins the elections again, then I will be very happy,” he said.
Hanse said he also wants the same Government to continue ruling, while Beukes indicated that he does not have a problem with the current Government, but will still reserve his comments until he see the next president.
Meanwhile, the voters’ registration kicked off at a slow pace in Koёs on Wednesday with a technical error on a printer, which delayed the printing of voters’ cards for the entire day.
No resident received voters’ cards on Wednesday.
Many locals were observed sitting at their houses on Wednesday, and when approached by this reporter why they were not registering, they responded that they will go register the following day.
Prime Minister Hage Geingob is Swapo’s presidential candidate in the 2014 Presidential elections.