Karundu PS teachers locked out of school for coming late

26 Jul 2019 16:10pm
By Mulisa Simiyasa
OTJIWARONGO, 26 JUL (NAMPA) – Community members at Otjiwarongo on Friday teamed up against teachers at Karundu Primary School (PS) accused of being habitual latecomers.
This is after 11 teachers were locked out of the schoolyard after being late for the Friday assembly.
After the session had dispersed, those residing adjacent to the schoolyard accused the teachers of being late habitually.
Teachers and learners at Karundu PS gather for their assembly session Monday and Friday mornings at 07h30.
School principal, Julia Chaka in an interview with Nampa said the school management decided the gates should be locked for assembly.
“It was during this lockout time that some of the teachers who came late were also seen by community members standing outside,” Chaka said.
She said 11 teachers, a secretary and two cleaners were amongst those who were late.
“Yes, we have a problem of coming late and this is not the first time. But I can also say that we are busy addressing the situation,” Chaka said.
Acting Otjozondjupa Regional Education Director, Nickey Eiman on his part condemned the behaviour of the teachers at Karundu and other schools in the region who are habitually late.
Eiman and the Otjiwarongo circuit inspector, Cornelia Araes-Shikulo, later told Nampa they visited Karundu PS on Friday and talked to the concerned teachers.
Eiman also asked this reporter to drop the story as it might tarnish the school’s reputation, but community members insisted that the story be written as they were “sick and tired of Karundu teachers always arriving late for school”.
Kennedy Kazonganga said it annoys him to see teachers “strolling into the schoolyard late”, adding that it is ironic because these same teachers would punish a learner who comes late.
Another resident, Selma Magano Tomas said teachers must set an example for learners.
“Coming early and leaving the schoolyard late should be the culture of every teacher at each school in the country,” she said.
Karundu PS has 1 387 learners and offers pre-primary to Grade 7 with a staff complement of 43, including institutional workers.