NAMC to host seminar on ‘overcoming anger’ at Rundu

24 Jul 2019 17:50pm
RUNDU, 24 JUL (NAMPA) – The Namibia Marriage Council (NAMC) will conduct a seminar on overcoming anger in a quest to assist people on how to deal with anger issues to contribute towards the fight against gender-based violence.
This was said by NAMC founder and chairperson, Paulus Hawanga in an interview with Nampa on Wednesday.
Hawanga said the seminar is aimed at helping people to deal with hidden social issues affecting their lives, especially those that lead to destructive anger as a way to contribute to the fight against gender-based violence.
The seminar will be held at the Kavango East Regional Council auditorium from Friday until Saturday.
It will be hosted by representatives of the Horizon Marriage Ministry from Windhoek and a chief social worker from the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Hangaleni Kangayi.
Hawanga said the other reason they came up with the idea of hosting a seminar of this kind is to help people who cannot afford professional assistance.
“Some problems lead to uninformed decisions and uncontrolled behaviour due to certain experiences people have endured in life because most of the time, these past experiences become one of the contributing factors to uncontrolled anger or short temper,” said Hawanga.
He added that hidden social issues in people’s lives are some of the contributing factors leading to different types of family problems such as divorces.
“There are also destructive cultural practices we would like to address such as child marriages and ineffective parenting because when you become a parent, sometimes it becomes difficult to properly raise your children,” added Hawanga.
He noted that failed parenting is very destructive as parents do not instil good teachings in their kids and they end up treating the opposite sex with the perceptions they have due to their upbringing, which in turn leads to gender stereotyping.
About 80 participants are expected to attend the Friday session that will be dealing with ‘hidden luggage’ while on Saturday, participants will go undergo anger counselling.