Illegal electricity connections in Havana disconnected

15 Jan 2014 15:30pm
WINDHOEK, 15 JAN (WINDHOEK) - More than 50 illegal electricity connections were disconnected by the City of Windhoek (CoW) in Windhoek’s Havana informal settlement on Wednesday.
Electrical installation assistant inspector at the City of Windhoek, peace officer Sitali Mietaba told Nampa the municipality received complaints from residents of the informal settlement about frequent power outages in the area, and established that the power outages were caused by the illegal electrical connections.
Mietaba said this is just the first round of removals of illegal electricity connections for the year and there are more to follow, before cautioning those who make themselves guilty of providing electricity illegally.
“If we find you providing electricity illegally we are going to give you a fine and also remove it from those you have distributed it to,” he said.
Fines of N.dollars 4633 were given to the individuals who provided the illegal electricity connection.
Also speaking to this news agency, Havana residents who asked to remain anonymous warned the City of Windhoek, saying it is “a bad idea for them to remove electricity connections” while the elections are taking place in November.
“We are not going to vote because we are still being colonised even if we are not being beaten up,” some said.
Most residents who said they own businesses wanted to know what the CoW expects them to do to keep their businesses going if they do not have proper electricity connections.
One of the businessmen, Josef Nakashona started using a generator after his connection was cut.
“The City of Windhoek does not want to give us electricity and each year they keep promising us that they are going to give us electricity. We are tired of waiting,” he said.
Nakashona said he spent about N.dollars 300 to fill the generator with petrol to keep his business running.
“Where am I going to get all that money to run my business from if I make less than N.dollars 100 every day?” he said.