RTC surveys new extensions

18 Jul 2019 07:30am
RUNDU, 17 JUL (NAMPA) – The Rundu Town Council (RTC) is planning to survey two new extensions in Tuhingireni informal settlement here for N.dollars 1 million, Head of Town Planning Elfriede Gende said.
Gende told Nampa on Wednesday the council is planning to do the surveying themselves and are starting with Tuhingireni before moving on to other settlements such as Ndama and Sauyemwa.
“Planning is already done, however, due to our financial constraints we are unable to get surveyors to do the groundwork which is why we are doing the basic part of it by ourselves,” she explained.
One of the two extensions has already been completed and the other is on hold as the council awaits the procurement of new pegs that will be used on site.
Explaining why they are starting with Tuhingireni, Gende said the residents of that settlement collected funds to purchase a transformer to electrify the location.
“This has come as per NORED’s requirement as they cannot electrify a settlement that does not show clear indications of how the roads will be demarcated. The setting out of pegs to indicate the streets has come as our immediate action so that we allow NORED to go on with electrifying of the settlement,” Gende elaborated.
At the same time, the department still has six other new extensions that they need to set up, four in Ndama and two for Sauyemwa.
However, she pointed out that this can only be realised if the council will be able to source funds to get surveyors on board or still take the same route of doing the basic part of the surveying to allow people to get access to the services.
To survey one extension, it would in total cost the council an amount of N.dollars 500 000.
Residents that are currently occupying the plots in municipal areas where there are services rendered by the council will be required to pay N.dollars 50 per month for residential rent prior to them getting their plots priced for final purchase.
Businesses and institutions will be notified on the amount that they will contribute to the council as their occupational rent on those plots.