Make intelligent use of soil: Ueitele

17 Jul 2019 14:20pm
WINDHOEK, 17 JUL (NAMPA) - Omaheke Governor, Festus Ueitele, has called on farmers in the region to make intelligent use of the soil to maximise their profits and ensure food security both regionally and nationally.
A statement availed to Nampa by the Agricultural Bank of Namibia (Agribank) on Tuesday said Ueitele, while speaking at the Farmers Information Day in Gobabis last week, urged farmers to focus on sustainable, resource efficient and effective farming methods in addition to diversifying their income streams during the current changing climatic environment.
“We must reduce dependence on livestock farming and supplement it with charcoal and wood production,” he added.
Ueitele further said farmers could also look to venturing into value addition such as dairy production, agro-processing and retail to localise the production and commercialisation of these products and maximise their profits.
Adding to Ueitele’s remarks at the same event, Agribank Executive for Marketing and Customer Strategy, Regan Mwazi, said treasury allocations would not satisfy the needed incentives to mitigate the impact of current and future drought occurrences.
“Let us think of long-term solutions and propose [them] to the government in order to assist farmers during difficult times,” he was quoted.
Mwazi further explained that Agribank had introduced drought relief interventions in the form of instalment and arrears payment relief as well as new loans to help mitigate the impact of drought on the farmers.