Omalaeti Releases PDK: Fiyotakusho nOmpini wa Tate Buti (Sun-rising with Ompini)

November 12, 2012, 11:02 am

Whenever you hear Tate Buti and PDK have released new albums, then you know the festive season is here!

Omalaeti has ensured that the CDs are widely distributed countrywide by teaming up with Mr Marthin Shipanga's Mamma Fresh and Tusk Mobile & Electronics.

The distribution deal, which is the first of its kind among local black entrepreneurs, has resulted in the CD prices dropping to N$75.95 in all the Moola Mobile outlets.

"This is our way of promoting local talent and thanking all our customers for their loyal support. After all, our customer-base is in tune and I hope that we will grow further through this relationship to enable us do greater things in the future for the benefit of our combined clientele-base," says Shipanga who is also Moola Mobile's executive director.

On his part, Omalaeti boss, John Walenga says: "Due to high demand for our products countrywide, we have decided to appoint distribution agents to service the whole country, especially in towns where Mamma Fresh is not represented. The whole strategy is meant to reduce and control all our product prices countrywide, in these difficult economic times."

"There is really no reason why any of our CDs should cost more than N$100 anywhere in Namibia. Thus, in a move to empower and propel an entrepreneurial spirit among the Namibian youth, Omalaeti has appointed Kandenge (0812774343) and Lucia (0812925897) as our distribution agents. So everyone who would like to buy the CDs at wholesale price should contact them. Otherwise, the public is encouraged to purchase the CDs from the Omalaeti online shop at the CD will be sent to them at a nominal fee.

Omalaeti warns any criminal to refrain from pirating any of its CDs.

"Criminals are in for a big shock this season. We shall [very] soon embark on a national operation with the Namibian Police (Nampol) to sweep the streets clean of all Omalaeti-pirated CDs and inspect MP3 juke boxes to see whether or not they comply with Omalaeti Mechanical Right Licences as envisaged by The Copyright and Neighbouring Right Protection Act of 1994 Act 6. We plead for co-operation, especially from the business community, to make ensure that no one is found wanting during the operation," Walenga says.

Issued by: Executive Producer, John Walenga.