Günther invites National Council members to Germany

16 Jul 2019 18:50pm
WINDHOEK, 16 JUL (NAMPA) – Daniel Günther, President of the German Bundesrat, who is currently in Namibia with a parliamentary delegation, has invited Namibian parliamentarians to visit Germany to explore areas of potential cooperation.
Günther extended the invitation during his parliamentary address in the National Council on Tuesday, where he added that unity between the two houses of review will spearhead various cooperation from where Namibia can benefit.
“I have decided to choose Namibia as my first official destination as it gives us an opportunity to explore potential areas of cooperation, and I also invite you to visit Germany to learn from us,” he stated.
He said Germany, through cooperation agreements and partnerships, continues to assist Namibia in various ways which require the full and consistent involvement of the two governments.
“Our mutual cooperation deserves continuous concerted efforts that ensure that Namibia develops its policies for the betterment of its citizens and strengthening of your developmental objectives as a country,” he stated.
Acknowledging the delegation, Chairperson of National Council, Margaret Mensah-Williams said it is a special moment for Namibian lawmakers to be visited by such a high delegation of lawmakers, since the two houses represent the states or regions at national level.
The Bundesrat is one of the five constitutional organs of the Federal Republic of Germany, representing as a second parliamentary chamber.
The delegation’s visit to Namibia started on Saturday and ends on Thursday.