Kavango East ECN intercepts alleged case of identity theft

15 Jul 2019 09:50am
RUNDU, 15 JUL (NAMPA) – A case of identity theft was intercepted by the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) in the Kavango East Region, where two people allegedly used the same particulars during the supplementary voters' registration process.
The supplementary registration started on 08 July and will run until 27 July 2019, to enable new qualifying Namibians to obtain their voters' cards that will help them participate in the 2019 Presidential and National Assembly Elections slated for 27 November.
ECN’s regional coordinator, Patrick Haingura told Nampa on Sunday the two were caught using similar particulars at the Sikanduko informal settlement registration point, on the outskirts of Rundu.
He revealed that one of the applicants, a man, came to the registration point with a birth certificate, in the company of two deponents who made a declaration and confirmed his identity, since he did not have an identification (ID) card and eventually went through the process.
“On the same day another applicant, also a man, came with an ID and it was realised upon registration that his particulars are already in the system, prompting an investigation into the matter,” he said.
Haingura added that upon inquiry, the second applicant said he is the sole owner of the documents, claiming that the first applicant used his birth certificate without his consent.
The officials handed the matter over to the Namibian Police Force (NamPol).
Haingura warned the public to take the process seriously and to refrain from such practices as the registration process is a legal procedure and if people are found violating the electoral commission act, they will face the law.
“We want people to register and come with the right documents so that when elections come, they are able to vote,” he cautioned.
Contacted for comment, NamPol’s Crime Investigations Coordinator for the Kavango East Region, Bonifasius Kanyetu said the case has not yet been registered with his office.