//Kharas records a reduction in crime

13 Jul 2019 16:20pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 13 JUL (NAMPA) – The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the //Kharas Region has recorded a reduction in the number of crimes reported during the 2017/2018 financial year (FY).
According to the NamPol crime investigations coordinator for //Kharas, Deputy Commissioner Chrispin Mubebo in an interview with Nampa recently, in 2016/2017 FY, 5255 cases were recorded compared to 5054 cases in the 2017/2018 FY.
This represents a decrease of 3.8 per cent.
He highlighted that theft topped the list of the five most prevalent crimes in the region followed by common assault, domestic violence, housebreaking and drugs.
The decrease in crime was due to the different police operations that were undertook to combat crime within the region, he said, adding that the most contributing factor why people commit crime is unemployment, especially among the youth.
“The young ones turn to crime because they have nothing and end up stealing and robbing people so that they can have some money to buy something to eat and survive on,” he stressed.
Mubebo further pointed out that the crime rate was low during the construction of the Neckartal dam and has increased ever since its completion.
Another contributing factor, he noted is alcohol and drug abuse as some people go to the extent of stealing livestock to buy alcohol or drugs.
“We have so much cases of such nature,” he cited.
A community activist Easter Isaak told Nampa that the involvement of youth in criminal activities is a concern and is majorly contributed by the social and economic situation they find themselves in.
“The most contributing factors that attracts youth towards crime is unemployment and conformities to the capitalistic and socialism societies we live in and the survival of oneself to make ends meet,” he said.