Kahimise breaks silence

12 Jul 2019 17:40pm
WINDHOEK, 12 JUL (NAMPA) – City of Windhoek Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Robert Kahimise, on Friday broke his silence on the allegations of misconduct mounted against him.
At a media conference on Friday, Kahimise set the record straight on his tenure at CoW, which has been mired by controversies, including alleged infighting, and culminating in multiple suspensions.
According to Kahimise, his ambitious 2017 - 2022 strategic plan earned him a bad reputation at the City as he had to redeploy several executives at the City and make other changes that he thought were necessary.
At the heart of Kahimise's plan is to root out corruption, make the City a prudent and self-sustaining entity but that the suspension of Head of City Police, Abraham Kanime, on 26 March 2018 made him a target by those who wanted to use it to conceal other dirty underhanded.
Kahimise said the frustrations of these officials essentially resulted in pages of allegations of corruption, misconduct and abuse of office by some senior executives, who connived with some members of the City’s council to oust him.
“It soon became evident that Chief Kanime’s suspension caused division amongst council with continuous sentiments directed towards me that I will be shown the door by certain councillors, disgruntled senior executives, CoW officials and some NAPWU (Namibia Public Workers' Union) representatives,” Kahimise explained.
Kahimise was suspended twice for alleged misconduct relating to an unapproved study loan, unprocedural appointments and the quashing of a report that led to Kanime’s suspension among others.
“The initial charges included 18 positions but now only three positions are indicated on the charge sheet and these are the charges to which I need to answer,” Kahimise said.
Kahimise sternly emphasised that there was no gratification or misappropriation of funds at any point during his time in office and denied any abuse of power.
He further rubbished insinuations that there is bad blood between him and Kanime, saying that their professional relationship is intact.
When contacted for comment on the matter, Kamine said he is doing what is expected of him at the City.
Meanwhile, chairperson of the CoW Council, Agatha Ashilelo declined to comment on the matter.