Ndeitunga fears losing trust from public

11 Jul 2019 18:10pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 11 JUL (NAMPA) – Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol), Lieutenant-General Sebastian Ndeitunga said if the police fail to prevent crime and to arrest those who are responsible then the public will surely lose trust in it.
Ndeitungs made the remarks on Thursday at a press conference held during his visit to the //Kharas Region to officially introduce the newly appointed NamPol Regional Commander, David Indongo.
“If we cannot prevent crime then we must at least be able to arrest those responsible, otherwise the public will have no trust in us. People must be able to say that at least the police did not prevent the crime but detained those responsible,” he said.
Ndeitunga also condemned police investigations that are poorly conducted and take long before they are finalised which in the most cases result in cases being withdrawn and perpetrators not being convicted.
“These investigations that take years if not centuries is not right, even the eye witnesses forget what happened and if they go to court they are unable to provide the information and in the end contradict themselves,” he stressed.
He pointed out the purpose of the police is to serve the people effectively and efficiently and called on his members to be united, disciplined at all times and display hard work in order to improve the provision of services in the country.
Ngeitunga also called on the entire inhabitants and the force in //Kharas to work together with the new regional commander in the fight to combat crime in the region.
The NamPol Inspector General further revealed that plans are underway to construct a police station at Noordoewer with holding cells in order to address the issue of inmates being transported to Karasburg, which he said is a waste of the limited resources.
“It is well known that the central government has no money, but we are trying our best to prioritise, so yes there is indeed a need of a police station at Noordoewer with holding cells,” said Ndeitunga.
Indongo took over from Rudolf Isaak, who retired in April this year.