Kavhura wants social fund for Ndonga Linena Constituency

11 Jul 2019 15:20pm
RUNDU, 11 JUL (NAMPA) – Ndonga Linena Constituency Councillor, Petrus Kavhura, said there is a need for a social fund to help curtail social challenges in his constituency.
Kavhura said this in an interview with Nampa on Thursday, adding that the constituency is confronted by issues of poverty.
The social fund will be set up through the youth committee, who are planning to introduce Ghupampi Day, to be celebrated on 28 September.
“Youth from the Ndonga Linena Constituency plan to [from this year on] celebrate ‘Ghupampi day’, translated as ‘day of hard work’ at various villages within the constituency,” he said.
“We are not targeting to raise a specific amount. What we want is a sustainable fund that will be continuous,” Kavhura explained, adding that businesses or individuals that want to buy into the idea can invest in it.
The councillor said if community members can put resources together, the funds could be used to cover the social challenges, noting that although there are individuals who try to assist the constituency, their efforts alone cannot be relied upon.
Kavhura said people have this tendency to say that government is not doing enough when it is actually already assisting people who cannot help themselves.