Buy Swapo constitution booklet to understand independent candidature: Mbako

11 Jul 2019 11:30am
WINDHOEK, 11 JUL (NAMPA) – Swapo Party Khomas regional coordinator, Elliot Mbako has called on party members to buy the party’s constitution booklet to understand the rules regarding independent national presidential candidates.
Mbako made the call at a media briefing aimed to deter Swapo Party members, especially those with membership cards from aligning themselves with fellow members running as independent candidates at the 2019 Presidential and National Assembly Elections.
Mbako, however, could not explicitly indicate which part of the party constitutional provision bars party members from either aligning themselves with independent candidates or Swapo members running as independent candidates, when asked by journalists to specifically point out the part.
“We are selling copies here, they are N.dollars 10, whoever wants to understand should buy the copy and read for themselves. We also have a party school were laymen Swapo Party members are educated,” he said.
Mbako at the same time strongly advised all Swapo members to distance themselves from independent candidate agenda and “avoid being misled” by these candidates campaigning while wearing party colours and singing Swapo songs.
The regional coordinator said there was no room for an independent candidate within Swapo as an independent candidate to the party means opposition because such a person is and will be competing against the party and its candidate.
“Anyone found aligning themselves with any independent candidate is an enemy of the Swapo Party and can risk expulsion,” he noted.
He added such members should first resign and can then be free to belong elsewhere as well as run as independent candidates.
Mbako further revealed that currently, a disciplinary committee is put in place to investigate those running as independent candidates and those voluntarily aligning themselves with independent candidates.
Meanwhile, independent presidential candidate Panduleni Itula at a public lecture series held at Ondangwa on 25 May 2019 said, according to the Constitution of Namibia, if Swapo expels any independent candidate it would be violating the country’s laws.
He said Section 72 of the Electoral Act makes provision for an independent candidate, adding that based on the party’s constitution, no Swapo member has the right or power to demand the resignation of another member since it is a voluntary organisation where members leave voluntarily.