Health Ministry plans to renovate all nurses' homes countrywide

14 Jan 2014 15:30pm
WINDHOEK, 14 JAN (NAMPA) - All nurses’ homes around the country will be renovated and upgraded starting this year, the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) has announced.
“But before any renovation can take place, a complete assessment of all the nurses’ homes needs to be undertaken to evaluate the extent of the renovations required,” said the Health Ministry’s public relations officer Ester Paulus.
She told Nampa on enquiry Monday that once assessments are completed, a budget projection will be made. The Katutura State Hospital and Windhoek Central Hospital nurses’ homes will be renovated first and the rest afterwards.
Paulus said the ministry had informed tenants at both nurses’ homes - Katutura and Central Hospital - to move out by 31 December 2013 to allow the ministry to assess the facilities.
Tenants were initially told to move out in May last year, with a second notice served in July.
Paulus said the assessment process has, however, been hampered by some tenants who refuse to move out.
“Following these refusals, the ministry has given eviction orders in 2013 to tenants to allow the assessment process to begin. Some tenants have started moving out but most remain put, including illegal occupants,” said Paulus.
She noted that in October 2012, a team consisting of 10 environmental health practitioners from the ministry carried out inspections at both hospitals’ nurses’ homes, following reports and incidences of unhygienic conditions and deteriorating physical facilities at these premises.
The inspection focused on major and minor health hazards and on the general physical conditions, with a potential to cause physical, psychological or mental effects on tenants and the occurrence of possible disease outbreak.
The team, in line with the Public Health Act No 36 of 1919 and Health Regulations No 121 of 1969, recommended the abrupt closure of the two premises to disallow habitation of the premises by any person or persons until major renovations take place in compliance with the requirements as stated in the Act and Regulations.
On completion of the renovations, only health professionals such as nurses, nursing students, doctors, pharmacists and radiographers employed by the Ministry of Health will be allowed to occupy the nurses’ home accommodation establishments in line with the Health Ministry’s Policy on Official Accommodation, she said.