LPM promises to ‘empower’ locals once in power

08 Jul 2019 12:20pm
REHOBOTH, 08 JUL (NAMPA) – Once in power, the Landless People’s Movement (LPM) will award tenders to locals rather than foreign nationals to empower Namibians to put food on their tables and benefit from their hard work.
This is according to the party’s deputy leader, Henny Seibeb, in remarks at a meeting held in Kuvukiland in Rehoboth on Sunday, attended by approximately 100 people.
Seibeb said Namibians have been left out of getting tenders at the expense of friends of the political elite and that this will change once LPM comes into power after the 2019 general elections in November.
He said LPM will make sure that Namibians benefit from the fruits of independence they have lost out on for almost 30 years and also root out corruption.
“Once the alternative party comes into power, we will make sure that you benefit from our natural resources that are being plundered. We will reform State-Owned Enterprises or sell it to individuals and channel the money used for those SOEs to development programmes. Swapo has plundered our country’s resources and the economy is in the state it is because of Swapo,” charged Seibeb.
Seibeb is of the opinion that two of the country’s bulk utility suppliers NamWater and NamPower should be dissolved and shifted to the municipalities and that some government ministries should be merged.
“Water and electricity affairs should be shifted back to the municipalities and we need to merge some ministries as they are basically doing the same thing. These ministries are created to give jobs to comrades in a country with a small population compared to bigger and more developed countries in the world,” he added.
Seibeb said under LPM the country will be divided up in provinces instead of regions and do away with governors as they are doing nothing remarkable and to the benefit of the nation.
He called on eligible voters to use the supplementary voters’ registration that started on Monday to register and vote in November.
“Go out, register and vote for LPM for a better Namibia for you and your future generation. Now is not the time to vote for a party that failed the electorate for about 30 years,” he said.