Mrs Werner List dies

14 Jan 2014 15:00

Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group of Companies' non-executive director, Elizabeth Hildegard, has passed away at age 94.

Hildegard died in Swakopmund on 10th January having served on the O&L board since her husband, Werner List, died over a decade ago.

Said the executive chairman, Sven Thieme, today, "We are shocked and greatly saddened by the passing of Mrs List who was a visionary leader, a devoted mother and grandmother to her children and grandchildren, and she was a remarkable woman."

She leaves behind a passionate legacy of hard work with a source of countless innovations that enriched and improved many lives.

Her last official appearance at the Wernhil Park shopping centre was during the inauguration of Phase 3 in 2011. Wernhil Park was named after she and her husband.

“The O&L Group’s directors and employees, as well as many of the people she worked with and mentored over the years, mourn her loss. We extend our sympathies to Mrs List’s family, particularly her children and grandchildren who meant the world to her," Thieme said.

O&L is a holding company to a group of companies. It is one of Namibia's largest holding companies.