Matheus says agreements need to be scrutinised to benefit sports

07 Jul 2019 16:40pm
WINDHOEK, 07 JUL (NAMPA) – The newly reappointed Namibia Sports Commission (NSC) chairperson Joel Matheus says there is a need to study Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) Namibia has with sister countries in order to benefit local sports.
Speaking to Nampa on Saturday, he added that if everything goes according to plan, the MoUs will benefit Namibians in developing sports in various ways.
“We are busy exploring MoUs with various countries to see where we can incorporate sports so that we create a platform where sport development can take its course,” said Matheus.
Namibia has signed various MoUs with different countries including Ghana where the two countries have so far signed six agreements and MoUs including sport and youth development under the Namibia-Ghana Joint Permanent Commission of Cooperation.
Matheus pointed out other factors such as research and funding as some of the areas that can determine the future of sports in Namibia when it comes to proper planning as sports development remains a concern.
He emphasised the lack of data which could be used to back up the planning in various aspects of the sports industry.
Matheus said if data is available, it could be used to drive the confidence of the private sector to contribute towards sports as indicators of collective information such as various forms of challenges, and the interest that sport attracts, amongst others, needed information.
Despite the challenges, Matheus said he has confidence in what the commission has achieved so far.
“Last year we decentralised the Annual National Sports Awards to be held in different regions, and did the categorisation of sport codes according to priority, amongst other achievements,” he said.
He added that the commission is working towards providing leadership that can motivate the sports fraternity to work hard, inspire and impact more as there is still room for improvement.