RTC warns defaulters of water and electricity suspensions

03 Jul 2019 18:20pm
REHOBOTH, 03 JUL (NAMPA) – The Rehoboth Town Council (RTC) has called on its residents with outstanding water and electricity bills to pay for such services or face disconnection and suspension in the coming days.
RTC Public Relations Officer, Desire Theunissen on Wednesday told Nampa that the council is in the process of terminating or restricting the supply of water and electricity to defaulters due to non-payment.
This, she explained is done in accordance with provisions of the Local Authorities Act of 1992, as amended.
“Suspension of services are due to non-payment. No payment, no service is the order of the day,” Theunissen recapped.
The PRO further said RTC is losing money due to illegal connections, bypasses and tapping of electricity, adding that investigations confirmed that there were culprits who are stealing their own resources.
“We will be conducting a meter audit in due course at each household and anyone found guilty of illegal connections and tampering of meters will face the wrath of the law,” she warned.
She however thanked the loyal customers that are standing behind the council in support to bring about change in Rehoboth.
“We will not condone and will strongly fight back anyone who in their pursuit for votes are using cheap political tactics to jeopardise the image we are building, that of effective and efficient service delivery with policies and procedures put in place that are guiding our operations,” she said.