Unemployed nurses and radiographers protest at Oshakati

03 Jul 2019 10:00am
OSHAKATI, 03 JUL (NAMPA) – Some 50 unemployed registered nurses and radiographers staged a peaceful protest at Oshakati on Tuesday, when they handed over a petition to the Office of the Oshana Governor demanding immediate employment.
The nurses and radiographers, who marched over two kilometres waving placards, demanded that the Ministry of Health and Social Services offer them genuine employment.
The protesters said they form part of the 300 unemployed nurses and 52 radiographers who completed their studies at the University of Namibia, International University of Management and Welwitschia University this year.
According to the spokesperson of the group, Johannes Salomon, they wrote a letter to the ministry’s Executive Director seeking employment on 25 May, but were told there are only 78 vacant posts for registered nurses.
“We the registered nurses refuse the 78 posts that the government is offering us,” Salomon noted, adding that the positions are just a drop in the ocean of 300 unemployed registered nurses.
Michael Mwinga, a special advisor in the Office of the Oshana Governor, received the petition and told the protesters their message is clear as it carries concern over the health of Namibian women, men and children.
Mwinga assured the protesters that their petition will be forwarded to the relevant authorities without delay.