Kunene on the right trajectory: Sheya

03 Jul 2019 09:40am
WINDHOEK, 03 JUL (NAMPA) – Although the Kunene Region faces a plethora of challenges including a high youth unemployment rate, the region has made strides in the areas of education and economic advancement.
This progress is recorded in the State of the Region Address presented by the region’s political head, Governor Marius Sheya recently.
“In the past, we were affected by leaders who did not speak to each other due to their political affiliations. This led to projects being left incomplete and money returning to Treasury. This should be a thing of the past,” Sheya said before urging for concerted efforts to achieve common objectives.
The governor further indicated that the importance of education cannot be overemphasised if the region’s endeavour to break from the chains of poverty is to be realised.
Sheya highlighted the significant role the private sector played in education in the region during the 2018/19 financial year.
A combined N.dollars 13.6 million investment was made in education infrastructure by several companies, he added.
“I hereby call out to the private sector, financial institutions to invest in businesses and entrepreneurs of Kunene Region, especially the small and medium enterprises, to assist,” he pleaded.
The governor was confident that the region will confront and tackle all challenges it faces.
“The Opuwo Trade Fair has continuously created conducive environments and support services for SMEs to flourish, enabling local economic development of the town,” he said before challenging other towns in the region to emulate Opuwo’s example.