Arrested 'whistleblower' granted bail

01 Jul 2019 16:00pm
WINDHOEK, 01 JUL (NAMPA) - A clerk arrested for allegedly making death threats against senior officials in the Office of the Judiciary, was on Monday granted bail of N.dollars 1000.
Simon Ngidinwa Mwandi, 25, was granted bail attached with conditions at the conclusion of his formal bail hearing before Windhoek Magistrate Samunzala Linus Samunzala.
The conditions include that he may not interfere with police investigations by directly or indirectly contacting State witnesses. He was also ordered not to leave the district of Windhoek without seeking prior consent from police investigating officer Deon Garoeb.
His case was postponed to 19 August 2019 to allow the police investigating team to finish their investigations.
Mwandi was arrested by the police on 21 June 2019 after he allegedly sent threatening emails to the executive director in the Office of the Judiciary, Rolanda van Wyk, as he was allegedly left frustrated by her inaction on alleged corrupt practices in the Office of the Judiciary.
It is reported that Mwandi sent similar emails to staff members working in the finance and human resources departments of the Office of the Judiciary after Van Wyk and the management reportedly did not take any action on his complaints.
Furthermore, he also sent the same emails to the police, the Anti-Corruption Commission, the Office of Chief Justice Peter Shivute, the judges of the High Court, the Public Service Commission, the Affirmative Repositioning movement and its leader, Job Amupanda.
He did this again after he got no response from Van Wyk and the management in the Office of the Judiciary.
Mwandi was arrested allegedly after police investigators traced the internet protocol address of the computer he had used to send the anonymous emails.
The alleged corrupt practices are in connection with the alleged unprocedural recent recruitment and appointment of an official in the Office of the Judiciary.
Mwandi is charged with counts of intimidation, assault by threat, theft and alternatively unlawful use of property.
Windhoek-based defence lawyer Trevor Brockerhoff appeared for Mwandi during the bail hearing.
Public Prosecutor Bernadine Bertolini appeared for the State.