City to tighten noose on water wastage

30 Jun 2019 17:30pm
WINDHOEK, 30 JUN (NAMPA) – The City of Windhoek finds itself in a severe water shortage crisis and will go after residents who fail to comply with its water saving measures as of 01 July 2019.
This was said by Windhoek Deputy Mayor, Loide Kaiyamo, during the monthly council meeting on Thursday.
Kaiyamo raised the concern that not all residents were taking the crisis seriously.
“I would like to use this opportunity to remind Windhoekers about the seriousness of the severe water scarcity facing our city. Although we have been on record on many occasions cautioning Windhoek residents about the critical shortage and the importance of using water sparingly, the demand consumption response has not been satisfactory,” the deputy mayor said.
This is because the City failed to reach the 15 per cent water saving target it set for itself, she said.
It is an open secret that Windhoek relies heavily on surface water supplied by NamWater, “which is our bulk water supplier”, Kaiyamo said.
NamWater has, however, said it is currently not in the position to meet Windhoek’s water demands going forward as it can only supply Windhoek with slightly above 163 000 m3 (cubic metres) against the required demand of 539 000 m3 per week.
“I, therefore, would like to remind you that the City of Windhoek will officially start with the implementation of water restriction as of 01 July 2019 as recommended by our water management plan,” she said.
The restrictions are to ensure water availability for the next two rainy seasons, should the current drought situation persist.
“Let us therefore collectively pull in the same direction to delay the run-dry date,” Kaiyamo stated.
The water-saving measures among others include the restriction of car wash operations, to allow only such operations that comply with the environmental, sewer and water saving regulations and to stop the watering of public lawns with potable water.
On the development front, Kaiyamo said political will alone is not sufficient to take Windhoek forward.
“It needs to be accompanied by technical will. I implore the technical management of the City of Windhoek under the chief executive officer to ensure development projects budgeted for, are implemented,” she said.