Shortage of passports due to procurement delay: Kapofi

27 Jun 2019 18:50pm
WINDHOEK, 27 JUN (NAMPA) – The shortage of passports was caused by a delay in the finalising of sales contracts and procurement requirements, Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration, Frans Kapofi, has said.
In a media statement availed to Nampa on Thursday, the ministry said the passport booklets were ordered from an overseas supplier in 2018, however, a delay in the process of finalising the sales contracts and meeting the procurement procedure requirements resulted in stock running low.
“Consequently the need for us to ration our small available stock to cater for the most critical travel has arisen. This means in most cases, we will be issuing a travel document commonly referred to as brown passports,” the statement added.
It further explained that it may affect refugees and stateless persons if they seek permission for residence in countries other than Namibia, where they may take up legal residence status.
“We therefore request all countries to honour the travel document as its holders are bona fide citizens or residents of Namibia,” the statement added.
Kapofi also informed members of public that Namibia is currently in consultation with Southern African Development Community member states to allow Namibians to use emergency travel certificates to enter these countries.
The supply of passports will be received before the end of the next quarter (the second quarter of the 2019/20 financial year).