Venaani takes swipe at Geingob’s conduct

27 Jun 2019 14:40pm
WINDHOEK, 27 JUN (NAMPA) – Leader of the official opposition, McHenry Venaani, has taken aim at the Presidency’s modus operandi, saying it displays traits of “arrogance”, does not observe basic etiquette and communicates in language that is “unbecoming”.
Venaani said this at a media conference convened on Thursday to address the conduct of the Head of State.
This follows an engagement between Geingob and members of the media at State House on Wednesday, where the First Citizen told a journalist it was nobody's business why he held a closed-door meeting with Mexican billionaire, Alberto Baillères.
According to Venaani, the Presidency is adopting a nonchalant attitude toward governance.
“It is wrong for the president to tell members of the media ‘it is none of your business’. The governance of Namibia is the business of the people of Namibia and the Head of State will always be asked about governance issues. His job is to explain it in a proper manner. Arrogance is not leadership,” he said.
“I have noticed that the president is communicating in language that is unbecoming for a person of his stature. He is an elder and an experienced politician but his recent behaviour needs rechecking. There is no president that has the authority to speak to people as he wishes.”
The assertion that Geingob is arrogant was quashed by the Presidency.
“It’s nonsense. This president receives (everyone) with an open-door policy, including juniors of the media like yourself. He does not discriminate. You ask him questions openly. I think it is bad politics to use such language with regards to the president on the part of honourable Venaani,” Presidential spokesperson, Dr Alfredo Hengari told Nampa on Thursday.
Venaani further took issue with Geingob’s assertion that he is not an extraordinary figure like his predecessor and Founding President, Sam Nujoma.
“Every head of state has authority and power and that must be used for the betterment of its populace and society,” Venaani said.
Hengari said Venaani must put things in the proper context, adding that Geingob has gone to great lengths to explain what he means by the “third wave of African leaders”.
He said when Geingob refers to the current crop of African leaders as ordinary personalities, “he is talking about presidents who engage the media in (a way) which he does; presidents who believe in institutions, processes, and systems.”
“It’s a gross exaggeration to try and twist a clearly articulated point about what it means to be ordinary,” Hengari added.
Baillères is in the process of buying the Erindi Game Reserve from its current South African owners. The sale of the game reserve is subject to approval from the Namibian Competition Commission.