MME confirms earthquake at Omaruru

27 Jun 2019 12:40pm
SWAKOPMUND, 27 JUN (NAMPA) – The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) has confirmed that an earthquake has occurred in South-east of Omaruru on Wednesday morning.
In a media statement issued on Wednesday, the ministry said the earthquake which recorded a depth of 15 kilometres with local magnitude of 3,Mc has hit the Waldfrieden Roman Catholic Mission and some surroundings in the Omaruru area.
“Preliminary calculations indicate that the epicentre of the event is located in an area where there are ancient faults, which are zones of weakness underground,” the statement said.
The ministry added that historical records show that the current location is one of the known seismic zones in the country.
A clergyman at the Mission Brother John OSB in a message circulating on social media, said that the first shake occurred at around 04h40 and lasted about 40 seconds before a second one occurred again at around 08h06 after Holy Mass.
The clergyman sympathised with the entire community of Waldfrieden and requested for Samaritans to rescue the situation in any way possible.
According to him, although no physical injuries have been recorded, most of the buildings have been cracked.