Mbambo highlights limited budget in SORA

24 Jun 2019 16:00pm
RUNDU, 24 JUN (NAMPA) – Kavango East Governor, Samuel Mbambo on Monday delivered his State of the Region Address in which he outlined an insufficient budget as one of the main challenges.
During the address, Mbambo noted that the budget allocation for the 2018/19 financial year for the region was N.dollars 208.2 million.
Despite recognising the inadequacy of the current budget, Mbambo said Kavango East succeeded in implementing some of the planned projects and programmes despite the limited resources.
Starting with Ndiyona Constituency, he said the completed construction projects include an oxidation pond, sewerage system and the first stage of a water reticulation plant worth N.dollars 14.5 million.
“A road sewage system, as well as phase two of the water reticulation system, was also completed for N.dollars 6.8 million,” Mbambo informed the gathering.
At the Divundu Village Council there has been significant progress on infrastructure development projects such as the village council office block, which was constructed for N.dollars 14.2 million.
Other projects that are ongoing include the construction of sewage and water reticulation systems and the drilling of boreholes with solar pumps.
The Divundu Correctional Services, under the Ministry of Safety and Security, managed to complete 12 single bedroom quarters and four houses.
On its part, the Directorate of Education, under the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture renovated two schools in the Mashare and Ndiyona constituencies with a combined project cost of N.dollars 605 000.
Other projects relating to the construction and renovation of schools are still in the infant stages in all six constituencies.
Mbambo further informed those gathered that under the Directorate of Health, installations of two pre-fabricated structures were done at Cuma and Karukuvisa clinics.
A prefabricated structure for cancer patients, he pointed out, was also installed at the Rundu Intermediate Hospital.
“The Rundu Hospital’s maternity ward and the Shamaturu clinic require interventions,” he added.