Cholera-related deaths increase to 11 in Kunene Region

13 Jan 2014 18:40pm
WINDHOEK, 13 JAN (NAMPA) - The number of deaths due to cholera in the Kunene Region has increased to 11, the Ministry of Health and Social Services announced on Monday.
Six of the reported deaths were reported in communities and five were reported at health facilities.
“The 11 deaths recorded were mainly caused by community members not accessing health facilities or rather, reaching health facilities late,” the ministry’s public relations officer, Esther Paulus said in a statement.
This is the second cholera outbreak in the Kunene Region since last November. No deaths were recorded in the previous outbreak.
The statement said the number of suspected cholera cases stood at 369 on Sunday.
It further said health officials are managing and containing the disease well according to records from patients being attended to at health facilities, which indicate that the outbreak is being stabilised.
“All cholera admissions at the Opuwo District Hospital are being attended to at the cholera treatment centre (tents) for isolation purposes to prevent further transmission of the disease,” the statement noted.
Thirty-five suspected cholera patients are currently admitted to the Opuwo District Hospital.
A helicopter was availed to the region last Friday and is now busy delivering assistance to field workers to enable them to reach areas which are inaccessible by vehicles.
The Health Ministry is also busy conducting sampling tests at boreholes and wells across the region to determine the cholera bacteria, the statement said
The results of these tests are expected at the end of next week.