‘Operation Kalahari Desert needs your support’: Ndeitunga

20 Jun 2019 10:20am
WINDHOEK, 20 JUN (NAMPA) – Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol), Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga has appealed to Namibians who are uneasy about the police-led Operation Kalahari Desert to support and cooperate with NamPol.
In a media statement on Wednesday, Ndeitunga said the operation is there to ensure the safety of people and their property is guaranteed and to not become vulnerable to unscrupulous elements.
“I call upon all peace-loving Namibians and visitors to embrace the initiative of conducting Operation Kalahari Desert so that together we can make our country one of the safest in Africa, if not the world,” he said.
The police chief added that crime affects everyone, as “it knows no colour, economic, political or religious status of a person, nor citizenship”.
Ndeitunga further extended his condolences to the bereaved family of the late Fambauone Black, allegedly shot by a soldier part of an Operation Kalahari Desert patrol last week near a police roadblock at Greenwell Matongo when his taxi made a U-turn.
Referring to what transpired and resulted in the loss of life, Ndeitunga directed all members involved in the operation to obey the instructions of their commanders and adhere to the rules of engagement.
He said the operation is making a substantial positive impact on the crime rate when compared to statistics before the launch of this operation and the preceding Operation Hornkranz.
The crime statistics for the months of August to November 2018 were 8 947, 8 656, 8 927 and 8 455 respectively.
“Although December 2018 recorded 8 560 cases, the statistics for January and February 2019 indicate a notable reduction to 8 046 and 8 039 respectively,” Ndeitunga said.
In March, when there was a break in Operation Hornkranz, an upward trend was recorded of 8 787 crime cases, however upon resumption of the operation, the crime trend dropped to 8 186, which demonstrates the impact of the operations on the crime rate, he continued.
Ndeitunga encouraged the men and women in uniform to continue working together to realise the set objectives of the operation.
“Remain honest and disciplined to serve your country and its people and ensure that their safety and security continue to prevail. Operation Kalahari Desert will continue countrywide until its objectives are met,” he stressed.