Standing Committee interrogates RA

19 Jun 2019 18:40pm
WINDHOEK, 19 JUN (NAMPA) - The Standing Committee on Economics and Public Administration on Wednesday interrogated Roads Authority (RA) on their operations during a consultative meeting on Wednesday.
Committee member, McHenry Venaani, questioned why RA used a political manifesto, the Harambee Prosperity Plan, as part of their strategic plan.
Venaani pointed out that the parastatal was established by an Act of Parliament which is not be politically motivated but should serve in the interest of the country.
“To my surprise, in your document you put the ruling party (SWAPO)'s manifesto as a guiding tool for your institution,” Venaani highlighted.
He added that parastatals should not be informed by any political party’s manifesto because they are separate entities.
Another committee member, Mike Kavekotora, concurred, saying that it is worrisome as it may lead to RA awarding tenders to those linked to the political party.
However, the organization's Chief Executive Officer, Conrad Lutombi, assured the committee that the company has never given a tender as a result of SWAPO affiliations, neither had it received any instruction to do so.
During his opening presentation, Lutombi said the company prioritises road construction projects according to the socio-economic aspects as well as road accidents.
Venaani further questioned how the RA measures the economic activities because some roads would have been given priority if that was the case.
He questioned the level of economic activity between village to village that the RA is currently busy rehabilitating compared to the Keetmanshoop and Grünau road.
“When we talk about the Opuwo and Epupa road, where there are tourists and no bridges, there is a big economic activity happening there in (terms of) tourism,” Venaani said.
He went on to question why the roads in the Southern areas are not considered but only from the central to the northern areas because there are major economic activities in those parts too.
Lutombi defended this, saying: “We have completed the south and now we are focused on other roads.”
The CEO further said the company has suffered as a result of Namibian contractors who fail to deliver the services they were hired for and are left with only a few Namibian companies to work with as well as foreign contractors.
However, RA gives preference to Road Construction Company for all tenders, he added,