Stop politicising taxi driver murder: Shanghala

19 Jun 2019 13:00pm
WINDHOEK, 19 JUN (NAMPA) – The alleged murder of a taxi driver by a Namibian Defence Force (NDF) member should not be politicised and sensationalised, Justice Minister Sacky Shanghala has said.
NDF officer Gerson Nakale last week allegedly shot and killed Talent Fambaune in the Greenwell Matongo informal settlement in Windhoek at a roadblock set up as part of Operation Kalahari Desert. Fambaune is said to have made a U-turn while approaching the roadblock when the Nakale allegedly fired one shot in the direction of the taxi.
“I want us to not sensationalise and be emotive when a loss of life is involved. I thought we would all in say ‘it is regrettable, we do not condone it’. Not for us to take political opportunities on matters like this where the deceased is not yet buried,” Shanghala said.
During a parliamentary session on Tuesday, Shanghala said Members of Parliament (MPs) should divorce themselves from their emotions and think before making any statements about Fambaune’s death.
He spoke after Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) MP Vipuakuje Muharukua condemned the government-led Operation Kalahari Desert, referring to the incident as “cold-blooded murder” and requested “that this murder case not end as inquest, but that it be seen through”.
Shanghala said sentiments have been expressed in the House which should not be allowed to stand.
“We trivialise these processes which are established by law that an inquest is an inquest. We ought to know what triggers an inquest and how they are conducted. Somebody’s life was lost here,” an irate Shanghala said.
PDM president McHenry Venaani said he has witnessed how heavy-handed NDF officers can be and has also seen the intense presence of the army within Windhoek.
“There is a big difference when you have military vehicles (such as) Casspirs (and) armoured vehicles in the street as it gives a taste of a military state. Are those vehicles protecting the people or what are their purposes on the streets,” Venaani asked Deputy Minister of Safety and Security, Daniel Kashikola.
Kashikola only responded that there are Namibians who are satisfied with the results of Operation Kalahari Desert.