Swapo regional coordinator for Kunene suspended

13 Jan 2014 10:20am
OPUWO, 13 JAN (NAMPA) – The Swapo Regional Coordinator for the Kunene Region, John Gabusab was suspended from his office on Thursday on charges of violating the party’s constitution and undermining recommendations of the regional executive committee.
A shocked Gabusab confirmed his suspension to Nampa here on Saturday, saying he was suspended for reinstating Swapo Regional Administrator for Kunene, Jolanda Nangombe, who was suspended by the regional executive committee some 18 months ago.
Nangombe was suspended amid allegations of misusing party funds and claims that she sabotaged the work of the previous acting coordinator of the party in Kunene.
“I was informed by a member of the national leaders assigned to the Kunene Region last year that the issue of Nangombe was resolved, and that she had to be reinstated. At the time, Nangombe was on maternity leave and only returned this year to report for work,” noted Gabusab.
He said the charges against Nangombe were unfounded, as there was no concrete evidence to support the allegations.
Gabusab said he had been advising the regional executive committee, since he took office about a year ago, to reinstate Nangombe to avoid being taken to court.
“Nangombe reported for duty on Thursday morning and I called in the acting regional administrator, Emily Ndjuluwa, and informed her that she should hand over the keys to the administrator’s office, receipt books and the money of the party to Nangombe, which Ndjuluwa refused to do,” he said.
On the same Thursday, the Swapo Regional Executive Committee for Kunene held its first meeting for the year, and the incident of Nangombe was brought to the attention of the committee members.
That meeting decided to suspend Gabusab.
Julius Kaujova, the Swapo regional information and mobilisation officer for Kunene, was then recommended by the regional executive committee to act in the position as the party’s regional coordinator until further notice.
Kaujova confirmed to Nampa on Saturday that a letter of suspension was served to Gabusab on Friday morning, and also forwarded to the Swapo Secretary-General Nangolo Mbumba.
Gabusab was requested to vacate the office and surrender all party properties in his possession to the regional executive committee on Friday. He was further warned not to enter the Swapo premises until his case is resolved.
“Gabusab accepted the letter of suspension, but refused to hand over the car keys and the office key, claiming that he was advised by Mbumba that he should not hand over any keys until he (Mbumba) gives him that instruction,” added Kaujova.
According to Kaujova, during the discussion on the issue of Nangombe, Gabusab said he was not ready to share information on the issue with the regional executive committee as to who instructed him to reinstate Nangombe, why and on what basis.
“The case of Nangombe is with the Swapo Politburo, and is not solved up to now. If that case was finalised, it was supposed to be done in writing to the regional executive committee who had a case with Nangombe,” said Kaujova.
According to him, the regional executive committee felt Gabusab was motivated by favouritism, and undermined the structures of the Swapo party and violated the party’s constitution.
He added that 80 per cent of the committee members who attended the first meeting of the regional executive committee placed a vote of no confidence in Gabusab, which resulted in his suspension with full pay until further notice.
Other issues that were brought against the suspended Swapo regional coordinator range from under-performance to disregard of the authority and powers of the regional executive committee.
It is expected that a quick solution would be found on the issue of the coordinator, as the country is going to the polls this year in Presidential and national Assembly elections, and it will not serve well for the party not to have a regional coordinator in the Kunene Region.