ECN faultless in low voter turnout at Ondangwa: Mujoro

18 Jun 2019 15:30pm
WINDHOEK, 18 JUN (NAMPA) – The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) cannot be blamed for the low turnout of voters at Ondangwa Urban Constituency by-elections, ECN Chief Electoral and Referenda Officer, Theo Mujoro has said.
In an interview with Nampa on Tuesday, Mujoro said the ECN has done its part to ensure that voters are registered, informed of the voting place and ensuring that ample time was provided for the voting process.
Only 3792 out of the close to 16000 registered voters voted at the Ondangwa Urban Constituency by-elections held on 15 June.
“We managed to open the polls at 07h00 and closed at 21h00. At the time of closing, there was no queue at any of the 21 polling stations that we had put up,” he said.
Mujoro said ECN made use of all means to ensure the electorate in Ondangwa constituency was well informed about when the by-election would take place.
“As the election management body, we have done our part in terms of our obligation to ensure that we inform people about the day of the polling, the polling stations, the operating times of the polling stations and also exploited all social media to get the information across,” he said.
Mujoro added that it is not only the responsibility of the ECN to make sure people vote but, all stakeholders, especially political parties should talk to their followers.
He said voters’ apathy should not be apportioned to the ECN because voters’ education and civic education should be a collective effort.
“Political parties have a vested interest in the outcomes of any election process and therefore they have the duty to ensure that they reach out to their followers and inform them accordingly,” he said
With the national and regional elections slated for later this year, he further said the ECN will intensify its outreach in ensuring everyone votes and urged those who are eligible to vote to register and participate in this democratic process.