UNAM and Wales to introduce ‘Imagine Namibia’

18 Jun 2019 11:00am
RUNDU, 18 JUN (NAMPA) – The University of Namibia (UNAM) in partnership with the University of Wales in England plan to introduce a programme called ‘Imagine Namibia’, for school youth to identify solutions to social problems in Namibian communities.
Head of Department in the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences at the UNAM Rundu Campus, Dr Gurvey Kavei in an interview told Nampa that the programme will identify a number of learners from schools who have entrepreneurship as a subject.
These learners will then join 10 learners from Wales to look at possibilities of developing viable products or services they can start with in the near future as their own business.
“It could include the development or design of a programme or system that can address community problems in society such as the overflow of trash or perhaps issues of water,” explained Kavei.
Three schools in Windhoek have already been identified and another three could come from the Kavango regions.
“While the government and the private sector can play their roles, learners and students can also contribute and this is the platform to show what they can do,” he pointed out.
Kavei highlighted that most of the time people ask what it is that the government can do for them but now they too should come up with what they can do for the country.
Not everyone can go to government to look for jobs as the economy of the country is in a very bad state and even for those students that are graduating, there is no guarantee that there will be jobs available for them, he added.
“The future is for you to create jobs,” he said.