Rundu celebrates Day of the African Child

16 Jun 2019 20:40pm
RUNDU, 14 JUN (NAMPA) – Learners from various schools in the Kavango East Region celebrated Day of the African Child here on Friday.
The event involved performances by cultural groups and stand-up comedians and a panel discussion on the importance of education for the African child.
Day of the African Child is celebrated on 16 June every year since 1991, when it was initiated by the Organisation of African Unity to honour those who participated in the ‘Soweto Uprising’ on 16 June 1976 in South Africa.
Chairperson of the Kavango East Regional Youth Forum, Anselm Marungu gave the learners a brief background on the day and told them to believe that they are the leaders of tomorrow.
“We are all leaders in our own way and we should not wait for tomorrow, because tomorrow starts today,” he said.
Marungu said young people’s attitude to life should be positive as if they choose to be negative, “life will also be negative.”
The chairperson also spoke about teenage pregnancy, saying it is high in the region and encouraging learners to wait for the right time and the right partner, or to abstain from sex or use condoms.