RDP welcomes 230 new members in Kunene: Manuel

16 Jun 2019 20:40pm
WINDHOEK, 16 JUN (NAMPA) – The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) on Saturday received 230 new members in Opuwo in the Kunene Region, the party announced.
The party’s secretary of information in that region, Jose Manuel informed Nampa that RDP members marched in the streets of Opuwo, before gathering at a meeting where their new president, Mike Kavekotora, was introduced and the new members welcomed.
Contacted by Nampa on Saturday, Kavekotora said RDP also received similar number of new members in Windhoek and Okakarara recently, adding it is time people join RDP “because the internal issues within the party are now resolved”.
“I am grateful that people who joined are from other political parties, this is a sign that our democratic process is working,” he said.
He said RDP also had its fair share of losing members but that new members joining are an indication of trust in the party.
“We also lost members at some point in time but now that people are joining RDP, it is a demonstration of trust in us and they have realised the ruling party has lost vision,” he said.
Kavekotora added that people are joining because they look up to the party that has the potential to provide them with solutions with regard to, among others, land, housing and employment.
“We will continue going countrywide to welcome our new party members,” he noted.