Namibia needs a new political direction: Kaaronda

16 Jun 2019 20:40pm
WINDHOEK, 16 JUN (NAMPA) – Unionist Evalistus Kaaronda said on Sunday he is preparing to form a new political party and contest the 2019 Presidential and National Assembly elections in November.
The new political formation will be called the People Organised Working for Economic Reality (POWER), he said at a media conference on Sunday, while imploring Namibians to revolt against the current state of affairs in the country and Swapo.
“POWER will advocate for a radical policy shift in favour of the majority of black Namibians who are languishing in poverty, unlike the current trend of only a select few leaders and their cronies benefiting from the country’s resources,” Kaaronda said.
The former National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) secretary general said those who currently occupy positions of influence in government and Swapo’s top echelons have lost direction and it is time for Namibia to take a new political direction.
Kaaronda, who said he will participate in the presidential election and contest as POWER’s presidential candidate, said corruption and abuse of public funds were rampant, while those perpetuating these ills are left to walk scot-free or treated with kid gloves.
In Namibia, he said, corruption has been institutionalised since the dawn of independence, and it is therefore a self-defeating exercise to expect those perpetuating theft of public funds, nepotism and marginalisation of those who challenge the status quo, to take the country forward.
“All of these issues cannot be resolved by the current government or current leadership because they have helped create these conditions and to that end, it is only fair a new political direction be found. One that is driven by the working people and the young people of our country. We need a political process that would genuinely speak to the concerns of people,” he said.
Kaaronda, who is currently the secretary general of the Namibia National Labour Organisation, said he will soon approach the Electoral Commission of Namibia to ensure that all regulatory issues are addressed and have POWER formally registered.
A political party intending to take part in elections must among other things have a declaration signed by 3 500 persons evenly distributed in seven regions, whose names appear on the national voters’ register to the effect that the persons support the registration of the political party.